Pharmaceutical Service

Pharmaceutical Service

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Pharmaceutical Service


Our Story


After graduating in Management the Founders moved to Barcelona and started the professional journey in the industry managing industrial production of plant derived food supplements and pharmaceuticals.



After few years of experience in Spain, seeking to raise the bar in Berlin and started cooperating with leading manufacturing pharmaceutical companies to enhance their market shares and increase revenues, establish marketing goals and design new objectives to improve the organization’s structure and optimizing the logistics supply chain globally.


To improve English language proficiency and enjoy the summer in the English speaking south Mediterranean area and founding the TradingFB to satisfy the requests of the market for a solid consulting company in the industry that provides support to the totality of the operations.


Cooperating with a number of friends and partners in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe is not a sufficient objective for our founders, so once again decides to raise the bar and move in Toronto to ad acquire new competences and meet new partners while the team in Europe is moving ahead in the established portfolio of clients.


Our founder Francesco is invited to participate to the development of the ISO standards for the cannabis industry. It was a real honor for him being the only Italian on the call and one of the few Europeans that had the possibility and the opportunity to cooperate with 200+ experts from a variety of background environments to share knowledges and expertise to develop the Standards and connect opening new doors to global operations and cooperations.


The Covid Pandemic hit the Lives of every citizen of the world. The key decision to move to Canada was the right one at the right time, Establishing partnerships with global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, cooperating with new formulations developments and new products development, including products with cannabinoids gave the possibility to satisfy the increasing demand of new compounds and CPG to the developing market of Europe with the solid known routes derived from the experiences and opening new ones.


Travelling between Nord-America and Europe brought the TradingFB to an outstanding level of completeness in which is very hard to find competitors.
The leading company in Pharmaceutical consulting is here to help you develop any possible dream in the industry including GMP and ISO certifications.



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